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TurtleCare coating is the first and foremost a maintenance product for handpan players and manufacturers.

TurtleCare is NOT AN OIL! TurtleCare is an innovative HIGH-PERFORMANCE COATING based on liquid ceramics, protecting the instrument particularly well against corrosion, cold and dirt.

This is specially relevant to handpans because they have a porous surface that tends to absorb moisture, dust and organic matter from the palms and fingers. In the long term this can have negative consequences for both the sound and the optics of the instrument. An untreated handpan may have a loss in the clarity of the tones, especially the overtones due to environmental and dirt damage; the handpan sounds muffled, it does not have a nice crystal clear sound and no sustain (time it takes the note to fade out) anymore. TurtleCare can be applied to both nitrided and non-nitrided metal! Although TurtleCare helps immensely to prevent corrosion, the best protection is still good care – handpans and other metal instruments should not get wet or stored wet and should be cleaned with a dedicated cloth after each use.

THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE CERAMIC is embedded in a carrier material that dries slower than water, but can be wiped off with a microfiber cloth in order to cover the entire surface. The residual moisture dries completely in 10 minutes. After the carrier material has been removed, the pure ceramic film remains on the surface. This ceramic film is extremely heat resistant; Temperatures of 300-400 ° C in the oven are no problem – our tests with nitrided steel show that you can create interesting colors by using the product before the heat treatment. 

AFTER THE LAST FINE TUNNING, before the instrument is sent to the customer or before the concert, the handpan can be treated with TurtleCare for extra protection and that special look – there are NO negative effects on a repetitive use of TurtleCare at frequent intervals. For those who travel the world with their handpan we have created the product: TurtleCare 100ml Bottle – the 100ml small bottle can easily be taken in your hand luggage in the plane. So anyone who likes to travel can always have the best protection for their handpan.

STORING A HANDPAN IN A HARDCASE is made easier with TurtleCare because our product does not create a moist microclimate inside the case. Nevertheless, we would recommend not storing handpans in the hardcase for long periods of time; Floor stands / wall mounts are better suited for this purpose.

TurtleCare HAS EXCELLENT SLIDING PROPERTIES; The Handpan always feels smooth and clean. If the handpan has been treated with oil before it must DEGREASED first BEFORE USING TurtleCare! There are some products on the market for this.


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